Foods That Causes Erectile Dysfunction


One of the simplest and easiest ways to improve your overall sexual health is by starting to follow a proper diet regime. For getting this done, it is highly recommended that you avoid certain foods that are likely to cause erectile dysfunction. Most of these foods contain environmental pollutants and several other deadly chemicals that affect your sexual health. Although there are several causes of erectile dysfunction, the main cause of it is fat and fatty foods that are said to degrade the arterial system that supplies the proper flow of blood in your penis. When your arteries are excessively clogged for carrying the blood, they affect your regular erection. Having a lot of fresh veggies and fruits can cure your erectile issues. However, saying that, you should also avoid a series of food that affects your erection and eventually leads to impotence. Here’s a list of five foods that causes erectile dysfunction. Check them and avoid them at all costs for a happier and healthier sex life.

Red meat

Well, animal fat, particularly the fat from red meat and cholesterol are extremely bad for your heart. And, if you want to improve your regular performance in bed, it is highly essential for you to improve your heart health and keep it in check. In order to get and maintain a proper erection, you will need to have consistent blood circulation which is never possible if your cardiovascular health is compromised to any extent. In fact, many men fail to realize that erectile dysfunction is one of the earliest signs of cardiovascular issues. This is why in the medical terminology; this is also considered to be a sign of early demise.

In order to ensure a healthy and hearty lifestyle, you will have to cut down on the meat, particularly red meat in your meals and go for plant alternatives of protein instead of that. Try to go for stuff that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Remember, not all fat is detrimental to your health. There are certain fats like the Omega 3- fatty acids that end up improving your cardiovascular health. It is also recommended that you avoid diets comprising of high protein like the Atkins diet. This is because it cuts down on the amount of testosterone that you’re likely to produce. Instead of that, try to go for fats that improve your heart health, like the ones found in avocado, nuts, different seeds and olive oil.

Fast foods

Fast foods are also extremely bad for your sexual function and heart. When oil is heated at the highest temperature for getting cooked, they eventually turn out to be one if the unhealthiest kinds of food for your heart. Not only do they contribute to problems associated with heart disease, cholesterol and cancer, but they also affect your overall sexual cycle. Fried foods are likely to aid in weight gain which is one of the major determinants of disbalance in hormone and erectile dysfunction. Give up on your favorite doughnuts, burgers, fried chicken, French fries and fried meat while looking forward to better sexual and prostrate health. Yes. These foods not only cause sexual issues but are also heavily linked with prostate cancer. So in order to avoid erectile issues, it is highly necessary that you avoid these foods as well.

Canned and plastic food

BPA is a deadly chemical which is founded in canned foods and the lining of plastic products. So if you’re really looking out to avoid erectile issues, avoid the canned stuff like canned tomatoes and every other meat that is stored in plastic containers. While tomatoes are said to be excellent for the heart of men, the ones stored in cans come with excessively high levels of BPA that are produced from the linings of the can. Wondering why BPA is actually bad? Well, this vicious chemical can affect your sex hormones. Research and studies have suggested that BPA affects your sexual desire and also causes hormone issues and infertility. On top of that, BPA is also found in most of the plastic containers and reusable plastic bottles. Look out for products that come with the BPA free label and always try to store your foods in ceramic and glass containers instead of the plastic ones. Try not to overcook or microwave stuff in plastic containers as they too are likely to release the BPA.


Yes. Soy and similar other foods are likely to affect your sexual hormones and inhibit the regular flow of testosterone. These kinds of food are high in carbs and healthy fats. On top of that, they also have a bad estrogenic effect. This means that they come with a substance that mimics estrogen which again is primarily a female hormone that is found in women. For a good and consistent sexual life it is highly essential for you to keep a balance between estrogen and testosterone. This is also likely to improve your sexual health, mood and overall energy. Try not to eat soy and also avoid flaxseed because that too contains excessively high amounts of estrogen. If you’re really inclined to have soy, try having fermented soy which is a healthier variant of soy commonly used in Asia.


Although alcohol is said to lower your inhibitions, it also takes a toll on your sexual performance and erection. Drinking on a regular basis and having about 2-3 drinks per day can completely lower your testosterone levels by getting rid of it from your blood stream and lowering the production of testosterone.

On a final note

So, if you’re really inclined to lead and live a healthy life style it is highly recommended that you eat like Greeks and follow a Mediterranean diet. Men who are likely to follow this diet enjoy a better and tad more consistent sex life. This diet includes a lot of fruits, whole grains, green veggies, moderate amounts of red wine, healthy fats and nuts.

So follow this diet and avoid these major five foods that causes erectile dysfunction for a better and happier sex life.

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