Insider’s Look into the New Role of Urologists in Advanced Prostate Cancer Management

Recently, there have been several therapies that have been approved for the treatment of patients with prostate cancer. Urologists are now leading towards the role of various providers that are involved in treatment and management.

In this article, we will take a better look into the new role of urologists in advanced prostate cancer management.


The main goal of management for advanced prostate cancer is to provide the right tests and the right time. Providing quality imaging will ensure accuracy and safety during the entire process. It is important to make every motion to maximize the information to improve the clinical results.

While the right tests are still being studied, the new radiopharmaceuticals have shown as promising for prostate cancer. The radiopharmaceutical Axumin, also known as F-ACBC, has been recently approved by the FDA.


Before any solid change can be made, therapy must be for unsealed sources for patients that are not palliative and proven for the overall chance of survival. Nuclear medicine practices must meet the required tests to actively manage the aspects of therapy in terms of costs involved.

The practice must improve on providing consultative services with the appropriate services in the risks, benefits, and safety of radiation. The role of Urologists is to be active and establish themselves as valued contributors in the management of patients with advanced prostate cancer.

Involvement in Clinical Trials

Management in Advanced prostate cancer must also involve more therapeutic clinical trials. To overcome the ability to recruit patients into such trials, this will require strong communication with the complete care team.


Today’s modern technology is creating an exciting platform for the advancement in prostate cancer management. As we are beginning to deal more and more with imaging technologies or therapeutic agents, we must continue to engage all the members of the team to become better established as a valued contributor. As the roles continue to chance, the goal is mind is to create a better experience and outcome for patients.

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