Male Edge Urology Review

Male Edge

Usually, when people want to get a solution that could increase the size of their penis, they wonder if such a solution can really work and how good it may be. One of these penis extenders is the one called Male Edge extender, which is a promising option for those who want to obtain increased length and girth for their penis. The regular option for men is taking pills, a solution that became very popular recently, but there is one problem with these pills: they provide results for just a few weeks.

After the effects are of the pills over, the size of the penis comes back to the original one. Pumps also came to the market, but they prove to be frustrating for many men, due to the fact that they could experience bruising because of too much suction. If you really want a solid penis enlargement device, there are some on the market, but they can be quite expensive. However, Male Edge is cheaper and the advantages are similar.

Product Description

Male Edge extender comes in different colors and you will get it with a little bag to store your extension rods. You don’t have to assemble the device, as it comes pre-assembled. The bag actually looks like a case and is zip-locked. For protection, the case has protective phone rings and you also get comfort straps. The bag can be great for travel, and this makes the product highly portable. If you need instructions, you can find them on the CD that comes with the product. Male Edge penis extender is made by the same company that made the Jes extender, which is already popular.


Men can increase the size of their penis by up to three inches and only a few minutes are required to do it. Those who are not pleased about the size of their penis can now increase it in a natural way and feel great about it. The concept is in fact inspired from an ancient technique which can help you pull the penis without experiencing pain. The result can be seen after the first weeks. The effects can be having a harder erection and even more sperm. Using the device is quite easy and any man can use it. The solution is backed by science. There are different packaging options and pricing variants and you have a double money back guarantee.

How to Use

The device has to be attached from tip to the base of your penis and the stretching process begins. If you are familiar with other penis extenders, you will have no problem in using Male Edge as well. You may think that the process is painful but the truth is not painful at all. In fact, it can be quite comfortable because of the use of a cushion around the base. Comfort is a must, because you will have to wear the device many hours every day. There is no pumping involved, so no friction exists. You just have to be sure the device is in place. The instructions are easy to follow and they are made in such a way to not allow you to begin with too much traction. You will have to start slow with Male Edge extender to complete the process properly.

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