Mutual Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation

While there is so much literature on art of making love, one area that has not received its fair share of glory is masturbation. In fact, on any given day more people are likely to indulge in this solo act of deriving sexual pleasure than actual intercourse. However, contrary to the popular belief, masturbation need not be confined to a backup act of sexual delight and can be enjoyed mutually with your partner.

Welcome to the exciting world of mutual masturbation and learn all about it to take your sexual delight to another level.

What is mutual masturbation?

Mutual masturbation is an act of seeking sexual pleasures together by exploring each other erogenous zones without indulging in actual intercourse.

So why do couples indulge in mutual masturbation?

For one, it is fun and provides variety to sex life. Often sex life can become boring and you want to spice it up by trying different things. Mutual masturbation can be great way to add spice, as there are numerous ways to perform this act.

Many couples also use mutual masturbation as a prelude to the actual sexual act. However, unlike foreplay, mutual masturbation is a complete package that leads you and your partner to the climax.

At times when you are feeling too tired for an intercourse; this is a great way to having sex without pressurizing yourself to perform the sexual act. Lastly, in case of pregnancy or physical illness, it can be a great alternative to enjoy sex.

How can you enhance sexual pleasure in mutual masturbation?

There are many creative ways of enjoying mutual masturbation. Not only can you and your partner enjoy mutual masturbation in different ways, you can also seek help of various accessories and sex toys to make it even more pleasurable.

In the end, remember it is all about enjoying sex and having a good time. Make sure that you explore all the avenues of sexual pleasures including mutual masturbation.


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