penis exercises



Penis exercises are simply meant to facilitate penis enlargement and general male enhancement. These exercise largely focus on strengthening the skeletal muscles that support the penis and the stretching the penis tissue to enable it generate new cells. Therefore, just like any other body exercises, penile exercises encourage the formation of new tissue cells and strong muscle tissue, along with increased muscle tissue.


There are a wide range of benefits that arise from penile exercises. To most men, the most important benefit is penis enlargement. Nonetheless, it goes beyond that. Other benefits include:

  • Improved stamina during sex
  • Harder and longer erections
  • More penis girth

The exercises also come with other indirect benefits. For example, men enjoy increase self-confidence even outside their bedroom. The penis is definitely the symbol of every man’s masculinity. Therefore, when you feel great about it, you will definitely feel great about yourself. Ultimately, this will positively impact every aspect of your life – professional and personal.

How to go about penis exercises

Penile exercises range from basic exercise to very advanced workout regimen that consist of multiple exercises. However, just like in weight lifting, starters are advised never to begin underrating highly advanced penile exercises. You can greatly benefit from these exercises if you start with the basics the moving slowly to other advanced exercise techniques.

Types of penile exercises

There are lots of different kinds of penis exercises. However, most of these exercises generally make use of stretching or/and expansion to form a healthier penis. One of the most renowned penile exercises is the Jelq, which makes use of an OK-grip on the shaft of the penis. It is effective, simple and has been proven to give superb results. It is highly recommended to beginners since it’s not as complex compared to other exercises. Other penile exercises include use of penis pills, penis pumps, extenders, stretching, Kegels as well as hangers.

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