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penis pumps

Penis pump or Vacuum constriction device is a low cost, reasonable treatment for male erectile dysfunction. Research has indicated that this device may be worthwhile in situations where PDE5-inhibitore drugs such as Viagra are ineffective. The device has a pumping mechanism and an acrylic tube that can be a hand grip, squeeze ball, an electronic device or a plunger. As the individual using the pump pumps air from the interior of the tube, the resulting vacuum enhances blood flow into the erectile tissue. Then a constriction ring is slid over the penis’s base for maintenance of erection when the tube is removed.

Penis pumps have been proved to be effective in penile rehabilitation studies. Certain procedures such as radical prostatectomy may precipitate temporary impotence due to nerve damage. Some of the penile tissues often atrophy if a person goes for a long period without spontaneous erection, leading to long-term dysfunction. Postoperative use of penis pump may help to stave off the damage.

The devices can be bought over the counter, and some people without erectly dysfunction have employed them for increasing their girth or for masturbation. In a bid to increase the length of your girth, vendors advice that the pump should be used for a 30-minute session approximately four times a week for several months. However, it has been found out that, overuse of the penis pump can cause damage of the penis unless the device has a ‘vacuum limiter’ which lets in air automatically if there is too much negative pressure build up in the tube. Excessive pumping without a vacuum limiter may lead to penile bruising or serious tissue damage in extreme cases.

How vacuum constriction devices work

To use a penis pump, put the pump, which may be run on batteries or pumped by hand over the penis. Pump out air in the cylinder to create a vacuum. The vacuum helps in drawing blood into the penis’s shaft which makes it swell and erect. Upon erection, use a lubricant to slide retaining band down the lower part of the penis. After releasing the pump, remove the pump. Intercourse may be tried with constriction band in place to assist in maintaining the erection. The band may be left on safely for approximately 30 minutes for successful intercourse. However, it is vital to bear in mind that devices purchased without prescription have a “quick release “feature.

Penis pump are safe and can be employed by patients with erectile dysfunction caused by conditions such as diabetes, poor penile blood flow, surgery for colon or prostate cancer, psychological issues like depression and anxiety. Men with significant congenital bleeding disorders or disorders which predispose them to priapism, for instance some kinds of leukemia, sickle cell anemia and other types of blood conditions should not use penis pumps.

Side effects of penis pump

An erection resulting from a penis pump is dissimilar with a natural erection. The penis may be purplish in appearance and can be numb or cold. In some occasions, a blue and a black mark or small areas of bruising are evident on the penile shaft, but it is often painless and resolves in a short period.

Penis pump we recommend

There are 100 of different penis pumps and more a developed every year. Some of the best penis pumps are water based pumps that we recommend here at urologyconferences, and two of the stands out from the crowd and that’s the Penomet and the Bathmate pump.

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